New treat foods for pond fish from Nishikoi


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Nishikoi has developed a new treat food for hand feeding your pond fish.

The Nishikoi Natural Range represents the new way in which some pond and Koi keepers are feeding their fish. Sourced from extremely high grade ingredients they contain naturally high levels of protein, nutrients, minerals and other essential fatty acids that fish thrive on.

New in this range are the Natural Treat Sticks. These food sticks are made from 100% natural ingredients and can be snapped to any size to give all pond fish and Koi a tasty hand fed treat.

Natural Treat Sticks are available in four different varieties and flavours: Shrimp, Honey and Orange, Shrimp and Spirulina, Krill and Shrimp and Worm and Shrimp.

A complementary food for all pond fish, Natural Treat Sticks encourage fun hand feeding among your Koi and other pond fish.

The recommended retail price is £8.99 per pack of 10 Treat Sticks.

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