New Technical Writer for PFK


Practical Fishkeeping is delighted to welcome Nathan Hill to its team. Nathan joins us from Reaseheath College in Cheshire, where he was teaching aquatics before landing his new role as Technical Writer at PFK.

Nathan has been keeping fish since the age of four. He tells us: "Before I’d hit my teens I’d gained several tropical fish tanks; leaky, ugly things either inherited or picked up cheap from adverts in local newspapers. It had been enough to get me hooked.

"Before long I was working in aquatics stores part time, and then I was off to Sparsholt College where I studied the subject seriously. Venturing home after my course, I joined the Sealife chain of public aquaria, acting as Aquarist in the Hastings site, before I chose to spread my fins and move along into retail. I worked with Maidenhead Aquatics for ten years, and then I spent a short period of my life writing freelance fishy articles and experimenting with fiction. I was then fortunate enough to gain the position of Aquarist at Reaseheath College, where working alongside other great fishkeeping minds, I progressed to teaching aquatics.

"It stands to reason that my passion for both fish and for writing should lead me, cap in hand, to PFK’s front door, which I then duly refused to leave until they offered me a permanent post.

Nathan's main interests are new gadgets – which he tells us he looks forward to testing to death – and fish families. He says: "I’ve never really pigeonholed myself to enthusing over one particular type of fish; today I might be a catfish fan, tomorrow I’ll be salivating over African characins. I expect my offerings will reflect this disjointed passion."