New Starter Line aquarium from Tetra


Tetra has created a starter package for those wanting to take up fishkeeping for the first time.

The new Starter Line 54 l/12 gal aquarium has everything you need to get started including the relevant equipment, feed and care products. 

The complete aquarium set includes:

• Sturdy 60 x 30 x 30 cm/24 x 12 x 12in glass aquarium (54 l volume).

• Stylish cover with 6W LED lighting  and a convenient feeding hatch. 

• Tetra EasyCrystal Filterbox for clean, crystal-clear water – supplied with two filter cartridges

• Reliable 50W heater, pre-set to 25°C/77°F. 

• TetraMin complete diet for tropical fish and Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner, which makes your tapwater safe for fish

The Starter Line Aquarium has an RRP of £69.95. 

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