New species - Rivulus uatuman


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Brazilian ichthyologist Wilson Costa has described another new species of rivuline killifish from Amazonian waters.

The new species, which has been named Rivulus uatuman, was discovered in the Rio Uatuma drainage in the central Amazon basin in Brazil.

Costa, a scientist working at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, says that the new species forms a group with eight other killies, including: R. amanapira, R. atratus, R. ornatus, R. kirovyski, R. retrocaudatus, R. romeri, R. tecmini and R. uakti, based on a shared pattern in the scales of the head and a derived colour pattern in the infraorbital area.

For more details see: Costa, WJEM (2004) - Rivulus uatuman sp. n. (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Rivulidae) a new miniature killifish from the Central Brazilian Amazon. Zootaxa, 696 1-8.