New species - Epactionotus yasi


A new species of plec has been described from the waters of the Rio Iguaz basin in Argentina.

Almirn, de las M Azpelicueta and Casciotta discovered the new species of loricariid in the Arroyo Lobo area of the Rio Iguaz basin in Argentina and named the species Epactionotus yasi in their paper published in the German journal Zoologische Abhandlungen.

The new species is a member of the Hypoptopomatinae subfamily and sits in a tribe called the Otothyrini which also includes Pseudotocinclus and some other genera.

The Epactionotus genus was erected in 1998 by Roberto Reis and Scott Schafer and contains three other described species: Epactionotus bilineatus, Epactionotus gracilis and Epactionotus itaimbezinho.

All are small species, fully grown at less than 5cm/2" in length.

For more details on identifying the species see the paper: Almirn, AE, M de las M Azpelicueta & JR Casciotta, 2004. A new species of Epactionotus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae: Otothyrini) from the ro Iguaz basin, Argentina. Zoologische Abhandlungen (Dresden) 54: 137-144.