New species - Aphyolebias boticarioi


Killifish expert Wilson Costa has described a new species of rivulid from the Brazilian Amazon in the latest issue of the systematic ichthyology journal Zootaxa.

Aphyolebias boticarioi was described by Costa from specimens collected in the Rio Purus basin, which lies in the north east of Brazil.

The new species has a deeper body than other members of the Aphyolebias genus and brings the total number of fish in the group to around six.

Costa says that the new species is similar to A. obliquus, A. schleseri and A. claudiae because it males share the same black edge to the ventral side of the tail. However, the new killi has different numbers of anal and pectoral rays, a different colour pattern and slightly different counts for vertebrae and gill rakers.

For more details on the new species see the paper: Costa, WJEM (2004) - Moema apurinan sp. n. and Aphyolebias boticarioi sp. n. (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae): two new killifishes from the Rio Purus basin, Brazilian Amazon. Zootaxa, 707: 1-12.