New Silkworm Selects from Hikari


A new supplementary pellet food has been launched by Hikari, called Silkworm Selects.

This new food contains over 50% natural whole silkworms and is ideal for Koi and other pond fish that require an omnivorous diet.

Supplied in a pellet format means there won’t be any oxidation, a common problem associated with feeding silkworm pupae. The lipids in silkworm pupae oxidise quickly if they’re not stored correctly. Hikari says that thanks to its sophisticated extrusion processes, combined with re-sealable packaging, Hikari Silkworm Selects won’t be oxidised.

Hikari says: "Rich in lipids and protein, Hikari Silkworm Selects promote excellent growth when mixed with Hikari staple diets. The natural flavour, retained by Hikari’s advanced production techniques, means that Silkworm Selects will be devoured quickly even by the most finicky eaters.

"Silkworm is traditionally used as a growth supplement by Japanese koi breeders. Today many Koi breeders in Japan use dried silkworm as a supplement, promoting growth when the water temperature is high. Koi will truly enjoy this unique treat developed in line with the traditions of Japanese koi breeding experts."

Hikari Silkworm Selects should be fed when the water temperature is 20°C or above.

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