New seneye monitor - see the video here first!


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The new seneye monitoring device will be available from the end of this month. Check out the video to see just what it can do for you – and your fish.

PFK reported on the new seneye system last month – a new device that could save your fishes' lives. Now seneye has given us the world exclusive on its new video:


seneye home - intro from seneye on Vimeo.

The seneye is simple to use – just leave it submerged in your aquarium or pond and the seneye forecast engine will analyse and interpret the data from the seneye device and process it into valuable information which serves as a basis for predictions, alerts and actionable advice, all of which can be accessed via a host of different internet-enabled devices, including your web browser, iphone, ipad and android smartphones.

The system offers the world's most advanced early warning system for life-critical parameters, but it doesn’t just alert you when things are critical - it can give advanced warnings so you have time to fix the problem. The seneye system is able to predict the change.

There will be three products available to begin with: the seneye Home (featured in the video) seneye Pond and seneye Reef.

The Reef version includes PAR, LUX and Kelvin meter along with free ammonia monitoring, pH monitoring, water level, general light, and temperature monitoring.

Price for the seneye Reef is expected to be around £99.