New seneye could save your fishes' lives


The new seneye monitoring device keeps an eye on your fish tank to give you peace of mind wherever you are – and it could save your fishes' lives.

Ever lost fish due to a filter problem, heater failure or leaky tank, or had corals fail to thrive in your reef system due to bad lighting? The new seneye monitor has been designed to ensure your fish thrive and your corals grow.

It's simple to use – just leave it submerged in your aquarium or pond and the seneye forecast engine will analyse and interpret the data from the seneye device and process it into valuable information which serves as a basis for predictions, alerts and actionable advice, all of which can be accessed via a host of different internet-enabled devices, including your web browser, iphone, ipad and android smartphones.

The seneye system can alert you wherever you are. It has flashing lights on the device, but if you aren’t next to your aquarium or pond you can see your results via the dedicated mobile site...

The system offers the world's most advanced early warning system for life-critical parameters, but it doesn’t just alert you when things are critical - it can give advanced warnings so you have time to fix the problem. The seneye system is able to predict the changes in parameters by analysing the speed which the level change so alerts can be sent before the water becomes toxic.

And one of the great things about this system is that if you do have a problem like rising ammonia, it doesn’t just tell you - it explains how you can overcome the problem. In many cases this may be as simple as a water change but it will always give you impartial honest advice.

There will be three products available to begin with: the seneye Home, seneye Pond and seneye Reef.

The Reef version includes PAR, LUX and Kelvin meter along with free ammonia monitoring, pH monitoring, water level, general light, and temperature monitoring.

The seneye Reef features include:

  • Automatically monitors multiple key parameters
  • Constantly watching your aquarium, 5600 readings per month
  • Get healthier coral using the integrated LUX, Kelvin and PAR light meter
  • Early warning, intelligent software predicts future water conditions
  • Convenient alerts sent to e-mail and mobile phone
  • Access results worldwide, data stored online for easy viewing
  • Track your results with automatic graphing
  • Connect to a PC or optional USB power adaptor

The Reef version is also ideal for planted aquaria as the PAR, LUX and Kelvin light meter is great for ensuring that the plants get enough light.

Price for the seneye Reef is expected to be around £99.

The seneye will be available from the end of July, but you can register in advance for the beta programme.

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