New Scaper's tank from Dennerle


German plant specialist Dennerle has introduced a new aquarium to complement its already popular range of Nano Cubes.

Named the Scaper's tank, it's clear to see who it's aimed at, reflecting the growth in the aquascaping and artistic layout side of growing aquatic plants.

The tank itself is 45cm long x 31cm high x 36cm front to back, making it wider than it is tall, which will aid budding aquascapers who seek more depth front to back in their 'scapes. It also means increased surface area, great for gaseous exchange.

The front two corners are rounded from one piece of glass, and the glass thickness is 5mm throughout, with clear silicone at the back. The tank is both rimless and braceless, and we reckon will hold about 50 l/11 gal gross water volume.

Scaper's tank Complete Plus
If you opt for the Complete Plus package you also get a specially made, external/hang-on-the-back filter hybrid called Scaper's Flow in fetching white, as well as a power compact T5 24 watt, 8000K light.

Other accessories in the Complete Plus package include 3kg of Deponit planting substrate plus 6kg of gravel to go on top of it, a hang-on glass thermometer, basemat, coverglass and a bottle of new Scaper's screen liquid.

Initial thoughts
At the time of writing we haven't set it up yet, but will 'scape it and long term test it for a future Practical Fishkeeping magazine feature. We welcome the new shape and design and think it will go down really well with the UK aquascaping fraternity.

Dennerle has been bang on the money naming it as it did too, as aquascaping is pretty much a hobby in itself and attracts its own following.

Build quality does have a little bit of the 'made in China' feel about it, when compared to ADA anyway, but it looks sturdy enough, is on a par with most other glass nano tanks on the UK market and we're sure it will do the

If you are familiar with the Dennerle Nano Cubes already on the market, expect the same in feel and build quality. We also predict it will be copied as is the way with so many tanks and equipment these days, with similar looking filters already over here in the UK.

We like the fact that the Complete Plus contains most of what you'll need in one box although we recommend that you will still need a heater, CO2 system, water conditioners and liquid plant food on top, and at extra cost.

With the design and shape of the tank, combined with the quirky filter and light this is the first of its type, and if it comes in at the right price we think it will be very popular.

It's got our friend Volker Jochum on it too, the award winning German aquascaper who along with Dennerle's Plantahunter Stefan Hummel and Crustahunter Chris Lukhaup, came to the UK and 'scaped a tank for us in 2011.

If you prefer to choose your own light, filter and substrate just go for the tank on its own, and when you first clap eyes on it you will remark at the difference that extra width makes to a 45cm long tank.

Get 'scaping!

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