New Red Sea Max S-Series reef aquarium


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Red Sea is launching the new Max S-Series reef aquarium, which it claims is the ultimate full size plug and play coral reef system.

The new S-Series is available in three sizes: 400, 500 and 650 l. An open top, super clear glass aquarium and in-cabinet sump are just some of the defining characteristics of the new range.

Full coral reef spec lighting, filtration and circulation, together with a centralised control panel and an integrated freshwater top up system are all housed in a beautiful aquarium and cabinet.

All of the external colour trim and cabinet panels (Max “Skin”) are available in a variety of colours and finishes and are replaceable at any time.

The aquarium
The aquarium itself is constructed from 12mm optically clear, (low iron) glass with a surface skimmer along the entire rear wall. It includes a discrete rear chamber housing powerful circulation pumps and flow controlled downpipe to the in-cabinet sump. The positioning of the circulation pumps guarantees complete water circulation throughout the entire aquarium.

The unique S-series slide and swivel lighting system consists of three individually switched lighting units. The identical front and rear 4 x T5 units are hinged to the lighting chassis that slides across the top of the aquarium providing total access for all maintenance and reefscaping tasks.

The centre unit has an additional 2 x T5 lights and 12 LED moonlights. Alternative configurations for the centre unit will become available.

A dual timer lighting controller is included as part of the complete system controller in the cabinet.

The complete reef filtration system starts with the surface skimmer that feeds the water via a flow regulated downpipe to the in-cabinet sump. The filtered water is returned to the aquarium by a main system pump that also supplies water to the protein skimmer, chiller and other optional reactors.

Connection between the aquarium and sump is via standard union connectors so no gluing is required.

The system is supplied with the main system pump, C-Skim 1800 protein skimmer, mechanical and carbon filtration media and all piping including preparation to connect a chiller and auxiliary reactors.

The aquarium is supported by a marine spec anodised aluminium profile frame and adjustable feet to ensure perfect alignment in all locations. The painted MDF panels and doors are attached to the frame and since they are not load-bearing they can be replaced at any time allowing renovation or a complete colour change on a functioning aquarium. Red Sea says that this feature, combined with the replaceable trim on the light and aquarium will add a significant resale value to the MAX S-series.

Integrated power centre
The Max S-series continues the one-plug Max concept and features a power control centre with easy access to 10 individually switched power sockets for all pumps, heaters, skimmer, reactors etc in addition to the lighting controller module.

The aquariums will be available to consumers from October - the UK will be the first country to get this new range.

Price: £3000 for the 400 l. size; £3500 for the 500 l. and £4000 for 650 l.

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