New range of pondfish treatments from Tetra


The new pond season brings a complete new range from Tetra, to cure a wide variety of fish diseases.

The new Pond Medica range from Tetra offers three simple and effective treatments for pondfish.

Tetra Pond Medica MediFin is an effective all-round general tonic to treat the most common fish diseases and helps treat skin parasites and bacterial skin infections quickly and effectively. It is suitable for all fish species, including Sterlets, Orfe and Tench.

Tetra Pond Medica Bacteria and Fungus is an effective treatment for fish suffering from bacterial and fungal infections. Suitable for all fish species, including Sterlets, Orfe and Tench.   

Tetra Pond Medica Parasites is a fast-acting remedy for the most common parasitic infestations.  

Tetra Pond Medica Argulus is highly effective against small parasitic crustaceans such as carp lice, anchor worms, ectoparasitic skin flukes and gill flukes. Suitable for all fish species including Sterlets, Orfe and Tench.

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