New Probiotic Tropical Fish Food from NT Labs


Water quality is key in ensuring healthy fish and a clean aquarium and this formulated food should help hobbyists to manage both.

Claimed to be the only probiotic diet currently available to the UK market, it is suitable for most common community tropical fish species. We will be trying it out soon on our fish.

Said to be highly digestible, the food produces low quantities of waste which helps keep the aquarium cleaner for longer, and the slow sinking granules float then break down, with particles sinking at different rates allowing all fish to feed at their preferred level in the water column.

The food contains NT Labs’ 'Stimune'’ Beta Glucans to help maintain the immune system and its rich mix of multivitamins provide a high level of stablised vitamin C.

It also contains Spirulina which provides anti-oxidants, colour enhancing properties and nutritional elements for the different dietary needs of plant and algae eating fish.

The fish food is available in 45g and 120g sizes.

Price: 45g £3.99; 120g £7.99.

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