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 NT Labs' new range of pond foods. NT Labs' new range of pond foods.
NT Labs' new range of pond foods.

Over recent months, the team at NT Labs have been developing a new range of pond foods. These foods have been formulated for smaller garden ponds, home to small to medium sized fish, such as goldfish, Shubunkins, Orfe, Tench and Sturgeon.

There are four new foods in the range: Multi-Season Pond Food, Sinking Pond Food, Summer Pond Food and Winter Pond Food. Each food has been formulated to fulfil the dietary requirements of pond fish for each season throughout the year.

Multi-Season Pond Food is a mid-protein feed which provides a complete diet for all pond fish. This food can be fed from March through to October. Made using the highest-quality ingredients, Multi-Season Pond Food is easily digested and metabolised by your fish, resulting in less waste, whilst the inclusion of Spirulina enhances the colours of your fish throughout the year.

If you require a sinking pellet, NT Labs’ new pond range introduces Sinking Pond Food. This fast-sinking pellet has been specifically formulated to satisfy the unique dietary requirements of fish species which prefer to feed at lower levels of the water column, such as tench and sturgeon. Sinking Pond Food can be fed all year around, but should not be used when water temperatures drop below 8°C and fish are dormant.

The new pond food range also introduces season-specific feeds, the first of which is Summer Pond Food. This is a high-protein feed, providing excellent nourishment and a complete diet for all pond fish, and can be fed throughout the warmer months. Made using the highest quality ingredients, Summer Pond food is easily metabolised by your fish, resulting in increased growth and less waste, and enhances the colours of your fish.

In the cooler months it is advisable to switch to a lower protein diet. Winter Pond Food is a reduced-protein feed, providing excellent winter nourishment and a complete diet for all pond fish. Winter Pond Food contains garlic, the parasite-repellent properties of which diffuse through the fish’s skin into the mucus layer, at the time when they are most vulnerable to parasitic infection. Garlic also acts as a feeding stimulant to encourage fish to feed in the cooler water.

These new foods will be available on a shelf near you soon. 

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