New plan to introduce whales to UK


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Scientists are proposing the reintroduction of the Grey whale into UK waters, 400 years after the species became extinct.

A pair of academics working at the University of Central Lancashire's Penrith Campus want to fly in dozens of enormous whales from California and release them into the the Irish Sea off the Solway Firth, says a report from the BBC.

In California, there are now so many Grey whales - 26,000 of 'em, in fact - that the population can afford to spare a few to start a new colony over here.

The whales can reach up to 15m/50' in length (that's 50% longer than a London double decker bus) and weigh in at 40 tonnes/88,184lb (that's as heavy as 51 Fiat Uno cars). "A Grey whale can weigh as much as 51 Fiat Uno cars..."The plan to reintroduce the whales is being put to the delegates at a conference in Brazil this week.

If it goes ahead, the BBC says we could see Grey whales off the British coast again in 10 years.

Dr Owen Nevin, one of the boffins behind the proposal was reported by the BBC as saying:

"Some people will say it's impossible, but we are deadly serious about this. It's ecologically, logistically and economically feasible."