New Nutri-Fix NP bio media from D-D


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D-D has launched a new bio media developed to reduce levels of nitrate and phosphate in the aquarium.

Nutri-Fix NP is a pure bio media and carbon food source developed specifically for aquaria to reduce levels of nitrate and phosphate through the promotion of rapid bacterial growth under controlled conditions.

Specific bacteria use the pellets as food and during accelerated growth assimilate nitrate and phosphate from the water before being removed from the system by skimming or consumption by fish and corals.

It can be used on both large and small aquaria and comes with full instructions and dosage rates.

For peak efficiency the media should be used in a fluidised reactor with good flow which will help repeatedly shed the nutrient laden bacterial populations as they grow, This bacterially laden effluent is then directed toward a protein skimmer for extraction and subsequent nutrient reduction.

D-D says that as the media is slowly consumed by bacteria, it will simply need topping up occasionally, so no regular rinsing or exchange for new media is required. Simply set it up in a suitable fluidised reactor and let it do the work. The response time before reduction of nitrate and phosphate starts to occur will depend on the individual system and current nutrient load. Reduction typically starts within 3-4 weeks of first introduction after bacterial colonisation has established.

D-D recommends Nutri-Fix as part of a complete nutrient control and feeding regime when combined with Rowacarbon, Rowaphos, and the new H2Ocean Pro coral and fish foods.

Price: SRP 250ml £18.50; 500ml £33.50; 1000ml £62.50.