New nano-sized driftwood from Unipac


This new Sumatra wood from Unipac unlocks your imagination, as Nathan Hill discovered...

This smaller version of Unipac’s Sumatra driftwood is exactly what many fishkeepers have been crying out for.

The pieces are entirely natural and therefore must be handled with care. Like all woods, these can leach tannic acids into the water, affecting pH. Prior soaking until such acids have leached would therefore be highly recommended.

The wood provides a branched, spindly effect, unlike the lumpier, solid bog and Mopani woods, and this lends the pieces to being used creatively with plants of mixed height and density.

Given that the branches are thin and long, these will protrude from the surface of a smaller, shallower tank, which in itself could easily be exploited and used as part of a yet more inventive design.

Alternatively, these branches are not hard to cut if the hobbyist wants something that provides a closer fit.

Not only nano tanks will benefit from these smaller woods, either. Used with larger pieces of the same wood, a dense, root heavy tangle can be created.

Apart from the leaching issues, this would be a superb backdrop to the brackish keeper’s tank, replicating the layout of mangrove swamps the world over.

Price: Various, according to weight and retailer. We guess £5 a piece is a fair average.