New multipurpose pond pump from Superfish


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The Superfish Pond Flow Eco 2000 is a multipurpose filter and fountain pump, using just 25 watts for its 2,000 lph output - and it can run a fountain and a feature or small filter box at the same time.

The fountain stem is height adjustable, rising to 65cm/26”, and comes with a bell jet and three-tier fountainhead. The stem riser has a ball joint for levelling and flow levels can be independently controlled to both outlets on the ‘T’ piece.

If you just want to connect a hose straight to the pump, do so with a supplied stepped hosetail.

The pump body is compact and comes with a small sponge, which you will need to clean frequently to maintain an optimum output during the summer.

It comes with 10m/33’ of outdoor power cable and a two-year guarantee.

Price: £39.99. More info from

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