New Mini LED lighting from TMC


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TMC has launched the MiniLED 400 – a new LED light which is perfect for the smaller aquarium.

The new MiniLED 400 from TMC is perfect for nano aquariums of less than 50 l/11 gal., but is also suitable for use in larger set ups, whether freshwater and marine.

It uses OSRAM OSLON SSL high power LEDs with a colour temperature of 6500K to replicate natural daylight conditions and gives a natural shimmer effect (unlike fluorescent lighting).

The MiniLED 400 is just 12W – and dimmable! It's small and light (14.5 x 14.5cm, 470g) and has a sealed, waterproof casing and a low DC voltage power supply, making it easy and safe to use in all conditions.

It's compatible with all other AquaRay products including the Modular Mounting System (MMS) and controllers.

The new MiniLED light should be available from the end of May.

Price: TBA.