New Malawi cichlid food from FishScience


FishScience has launched a pelleted food formulated specifically for Malawi cichlids.

The new food is rich in algae (Spirulina and kelp) and vegetable ingredients to recreate the plant-based diet that many Malawi cichlids consume in the wild.  The food also contains insect meal, an important dietary component of Malawi cichlids in their natural environment. 

"FishScience Malawi Pellets have been extensively tested by Malawi keepers to ensure that they are not only nutritionally suitable, but also are in a form which is ideal for these fish," says Dr David Pool. "Malawi cichlids feed aggressively, so we have used two pellets with differing densities to get them to sink at different rates. This spreads out the area that the fish are feeding in ensuring a more even distribution of food."

"We have spent a long time trialling different variations of this food to achieve the perfect balance and are very pleased with the excellent feedback we have had from Malawi cichlid keepers and retailers."

In common with all FishScience foods, the Malawi Pellets contain natural ingredients such as paprika, shrimp, krill, Spirulina algae and carrot to enhance the natural colour of the fish. Natural ingredients such as garlic and Beta glucans are also added to support the immune system and ensure the fish remain as healthy as possible.

FishScience Malawi Pellets are available in two sizes: 155g (RSP £7.85) and 450g (£24.50).

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