New-look October PFK on sale now


Editor's Picks

The new-look October issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine is on sale from September 2 to September 29 2009.

In this packed issue we have some great articles from fishkeeping's top writers, including Heiko Bleher, Dr Heok Hee Ng, Dr Ad Konings, Dr Michael Hardman and Eric Michael Sanchez, plus interviews with Dr Sven Kullander, Dr Donovan German and Dr Cesar Castellanos.

Prince of darkness: A quick look at the stunning Vampire crab. News: The latest fish news, including an exclusive on an amazingly colourful new coldwater goby from the Rhinogobius genus and an interview with Dr Donovan German on his research on wood-eating in catfishes. Guide to tigerfish: Dr Heok Hee Ng and Jeremy Gay give the lowdown on the stunning members of the Datnioides genus of tiger perches and explain how to keep them.

Taste of Tanganyika: George Farmer continues his biotope series with a step-by-step guide to recreate the home of the shell-dwelling cichlid Neolamprologus multifasciatus. Now you see them: Matt Clarke on the beautiful Fan-tailed Hawaiian filefish, Pervagor spilosoma, which is both rarely seen and incredibly common - depending on when you look for it. We explain why. Where in the world: We check out the fish diversity of the Amazon basin.

Celestial hysteria: Dr Karel Zahradka describes the remarkable impact made by the Celestial pearl danio to a disbelieving world audience. Pure gold for pioneers: Juan Miguel Artigas Azas takes a look at the Central American cichlid Herichthys steindachneri. Standing out from the crowd: Matt Ford looks at the Panda garra, Garra flavatra, one of the most stunning members of its group.

Are you Balling? Reefkeeping guru Eric Michael Sanchez explains why the Balling method can help you get the right water for perfect coral growth. The silken thread: Dave Wolfenden highlights the dartfish known as the Shotsilk goby, Ptereleotris zebra. Fishkeeping Answers: Our 17-page section covering the answers to your questions from some of the world's top fishkeeping experts.

Survivors of the shallows: Heiko Bleher searches in the Western Ghats states of India and finds new species. Girls will be boys: Dave Wolfenden on the Wreckfish, Pseudanthias squamipinnis, a fish that can bend its gender by picking up behaviour patterns. Konings on Tropheus: Dr Ad Konings looks at the Tropheus cichlids of Lake Tanganyika.

Tried and Tested: Product news, reviews of the latest LED lights and a mini-test on pond vacuum cleaners. Shunning the limelight: Dr Michael Hardman reveals the Jaguar cats of the Liosomodoras genus. A twist of the knife: Ben Lee explains how to keep the stunning and bizarre Dragon knifefish. Stateside buddies: Les Holliday speaks to public aquarium reefkeeping expert Joe Yaiullo about his incredible anemone and clownfish exhibit.

PFK Quick Guide to Botiid loaches: Botiid loach taxonomist Dr Heok Hee Ng explains the basics of keeping these great loaches for the community tank. Your tanks: A close look at Tony Swinney's simply stunning aquascape. PFK Quick Guide to hard corals: We give you the lowdown on what you need to know about keeping hard or stony corals. Meet the Expert: We speak to Heiko Bleher about his time behind bars in Brazil.

Fish in the shops: Your guide to the top shops and the fish you'll want to track down for your tanks. Shoptour Lincolnshire: We visit three stores recommended by PFK readers. Interesting Imports: Matt Clarke checks out some of the hottest new imports to the UK's aquarium shops. Discoveries: Heiko Bleher on some recent new cichlid species he discovered on a trip to the Rio Jari in Brazil. Also on sale: Shops highlight some of the other interesting fish in their shops this month.

Things you'll find out in this issue:

1. The truth about wood-eating in catfishes.

2. What Hawaiians do with excess filefish when populations explode.

3. How puffers inflate themselves.

4. Why fish names sometimes have brackets around them.

5. What is in fish urine.

6. How to breed Atlantic wolf-fish.

7. Why anthias change sex.

8. How to accurately sex Jaguar catfish.

9. Which ricefish has the biggest 'penis'.

10. Which unsavoury characters shared a prison cell with Heiko Bleher when he got banged up in Brazil for a crime he says he didn't commit.