New LED pendants from Reef-Beam UK


A new range of compact LED light units have been launched by British company Reef-Beam UK.

Two models are available, a 120W, 119 LED unit and a 50W, 45 LED unit.

"Reef-Beam LED lights have now been on test since early May 2009." Say Reef-Beam UK.

"Our test s have proven that the lights produce instant results in enhancing fish colouration and we have had astounding results in growth and colouration in SPS LPS and Soft corals."

"Extensive testing has been carried out by Reef-Beam UK on systems varying in size and design as well as commercially by Dream-reef in their coral housing facility."

"Another major advantage of the Reef-Beam range is running costs."

"LED lighting is a lot cheaper to run than Metal Halide and with an expected life span of over 50,000 hours there is no need to frequently replace expensive bulbs or tubes."

"Reef-Beam LED lighting is configured using blue 460nm and white 14000K LED s."

"Each unit is fitted with three cooling fans. This has two advantages, firstly it keeps the LED s at the optimal operating temperature so that there is no shift in colour spectrum,"

"and secondly any heat produced, which is minimal, is dispersed away from the water column."

"this system also keeps aquaria temperature far more manageable and stable for your inhabitants and eliminates the need for expensive cooling systems.


"Our 120 watt model RB120 houses 119 LED s over a rectangle area 0f 30cm x 12cm,"

"Using this method produces intense light over a large area, this coupled with a 120 degree wide beam illuminates larger areas of aquaria than bulb methods, eliminating dark spots and saturating the aquarium in brilliant light.

High power LED s allow deeper penetration of the water column giving the aquarist greater scope for coral positioning, aquarium layout and display.

RRPs are 399 for the 120 watt and 299 for the 50 watt model.