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Want to know how to keep a marine aquarium? Marine aquaria are the fastest-growing area of fishkeeping – and for good reason. The fish are colourful, the corals unique, and much of the life is quite unlike anything you find in freshwater.

We’ve put together a basic guide overseeing some of the key areas that a newcomer needs to know about. From hardware essentials to feeding a coral, we hope you’ll find something in these pages that will help you on your journey to becoming a ‘salty’ fishkeeper.


Inside A Beginner's Guide to Marine



  • Choosing your tank: Marine tanks are marine tanks, right? Well, no. From the start you need to choose whether you want big or small, and which kinds of creatures you’d like to keep.
  • Essential equipment: In order to run a successful marine tank, a few key pieces of hardware are essential.
  • Live rock: While that might not sound a fair comparison, rocks and filters in the tank can do pretty much the same thing – one perhaps better than the other!

  • Safe choices: Friendly fish and accessible inverts for your first aquarium.

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