New internal/external power filter from Eheim


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Eheim's new Aquacompact is a combination of internal and external filter, aimed at the smaller aquarium.

With this innovative new filter, the pump sits on the inside of your aquarium and the filter canister with media on the outside. This gives you much more filter capacity than with most traditional internal power filters, while taking up less space inside the tank.

Because the pump is integrated on the intake side, the filter has fully automatic self priming. Throughflow can be adjusted via a knob on the top of the filter.

The integrated pre-filter removes larger dirt particles, meaning less maintenance and longer intervals between cleaning.

The new filter offers 350 lph and is ideally suited for use in small, open aquariums of up to 60 l., or in breeding tanks. It's suitable for freshwater systems only.

Available in two sizes: the Aquacompact 40 (tanks up to 40 l) and the Aquacompact 60 (up to 60 l). Both come with media, spray bar, wide jet nozzle, as well as an angle and connection piece for connecting the spray bar to the pump.

Price: TBA.

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