New Giesemann Teszla LED light


The LED lighting battle continues and this time a premium lighting heavyweight has brought a contender to this busy market.

Named the Teszla, this compact, modular, controllable LED fixture from Giesemann is not only bright but has loads of features too.

It’s fan cooled with digital temperature control, uses 120 degree optics and has a data interface for computer control. Mounting accessories are available including a neat looking bracket to clamp it straight onto your tank.

PFK Technical Writer Nathan Hill has got the nearest to it so far, although UK distributor Reef Eden International took it away again so we couldn’t really abuse it, take brightness readings with our PAR meter or use it over corals long term.

So without properly testing it, will it be a good light? Absolutely, as Giesemann is at the top of its game and doesn’t make a bad light of any kind. Giesemann also brought LED to market pretty late, and we would like to think this is because their quality control is so high they waited until they got it just right.

So use one over a nano aquarium or several over larger tanks and you’ll be the owner of a great looking unit that screams "I know what I’m doing – I’ve got a Giesemann," and you’ll probably be the envy of your fishkeeping friends too.

Exciting too for the aquascapers is a dedicated freshwater unit, so they’ll also be included in the Teszla party.

Price: Around £400 each, available in the UK from Reef Eden International.

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