New 'fizz and go' water treatment tablets from Tetra


Tetra has launched four new water treatment tablets, designed to revolutionise the lives of fish and fishkeepers...

There are four new products in total – two water tablets for tropical fishkeepers and two for goldfish keepers. One type is designed to condition the water, making it safe; the other created to remove dirty particles and prevent cloudy water. Both have been developed to help your fish benefit from cleaner, healthier water, through a tablet that fizzes as it conditions and cleans, making fishkeeping easier than ever.  

Tetra Water Safe Tabs for tropical fish and Goldfish Safe Tabs for goldfish, have been designed to condition and stabilise the water as you set up your tank or during a water change. They create safe water by removing harmful chlorine and chloramines, and binding heavy metals, making them safe. This helps protects your fish’s gills and skins and adds vitamin B, for improved health. The tablet also stabilises the water’s pH and avoids harmful acidity drops in the water.


Tetra Water Clear Tabs for tropical fish and Tetra Goldfish Clear Tabs for goldfish are clarifiers, for clear water that is algae free. They remove dirty particles of cloudy water, and reduce phosphate and therefore algae growth, giving you clean and clear water, with built in algae prevention.

Katie Ferguson, Product Manager at Tetra UK comments: "These new water tablets make creating a healthy tank and keeping the water clean easier than ever. Just drop the tablet into the water and watch it fizz as it works."

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