New FishScience Corydoras Tablets - tested by UK cory keepers


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New FishScience Corydoras Tablets - tested by UK cory keepers

The new Corydoras tablet food from FishScience.

Fish food specialist FishScience has produced a unique tablet food for Corydoras and other bottom feeding aquarium fish. The tablet food is rich in insect meal which helps to recreate the natural insect based diet that these fish would eat in the wild.

"With the help of Ian Fuller from Corydoras World and other Corydoras experts throughout the UK we have been able to develop a food that is ideal for these fish species," explained Dr David Pool of FishScience. "We sent food samples to over 50 cory experts and used their feedback to fine-tune the recipe and format. The end result is a food that is not only nutritionally balanced for Corydoras, but one that they really enjoy."

The use of insect meal in the foods has a number of key benefits. It is what Corydoras and most aquarium fish would eat in the wild. Not surprisingly they have evolved to digest and process this food, which results in great food conversion ratios and less waste. Importantly, insect meal is cultured on waste fruit and vegetable material, ensuring it is environmentally friendly and sustainable — and reduces the use of fish meal taken from the sea.

FishScience Corydoras Tablets are available in two pack sizes: 50g  (RSP £4.75 ) and 150g (RSP £8.95).  

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