New Era launch Reverse Osmosis system


New Era Aquaculture has added to its product portfolio with a reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment system.

The system, used to remove unwanted substances from water, is suitable for both tropical and marine fish and comprises wall-mounted filtration unit with three cartridges, which are fixed by means of a bayonet type push and twist mechanism.

New Era claims that this is an industry first. They can also be upgraded, and independently changed when running low, with replacements available separately.

The manufacturer state that the reverse osmosis membrane cartridge removes nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals and hardness-forming substances from the water; the sediment filter cartridge retains the finest of particles, and the carbon filter cartridge also aids the absorption of chemicals such as chlorine.

New Era s reverse osmosis water treatment system is available in four sizes - 90/150/250/370 litres per day - depending on the water volume to be purified. Individual 10, 11 and 13 replacement cartridges are always available separately depending on customer specific requirements.

The RRPs for the three module reverse osmosis units are as follows: 90litre/day 234.95; 150 litre/day 249.95; 250 litre/day 275.95; 370 litre/day 309.95. All prices are inclusive of VAT.