New Eheim nano aquariums hit the UK


Eheim has launched three new Aquastyle nano tanks.

Offered in 16, 24 and 35 l. (3.5, 6.3 and 7.7 gal) sizes these slick-looking glass nanos come complete with curved front corners, float glass, cover glass, LED light and internal filter.

Eheim says: “The Power-LED illumination is intentionally designed round rather than a tube to enable the light to shine more evenly on the square tank. The lamp is also easily adjusted so light can be directed at specific plant areas.”

Using only 7w, the Power-LED boasts high-energy efficiency and long life, claiming some 20,000 service hours.

The powerful corner internal filter is the heartbeat of the nano. It has been developed and equipped with filter cartridge and biofilter material. As a corner filter, it takes little space. The intake is precisely regulated so small livestock don’t get sucked in, and it fits so close to the glass that any residents can’t get trapped in the gaps.

A range of podium-style cabinets is also available, and being 110cm/44” high, each one will make these small tanks the big focus in your living room.

When we first revealed these on the PFK website, some of the aquascaping fraternity felt the internal filter was too bulky and detracted from the beauty of these fish tanks — though with a few choice plants it will soon blend into the background and, all in all, we think they are good looking tanks. The LED light looks good too.

Prices are as follows: 16-litre £89.90, 24-litre £99.90, 35-litre £109.90. Cabinets are sold separately.