New Eheim Aquastyle Deco Set


Eheim has launched the Aquastyle Deco Set for use with its new range of nano aquariums.

The Eheim Aquastyle Deco Set has been specially developed for use with Aquastyle 16, 24, 35l. nano aquariums.

It offers both protection and hiding places, so that shrimps and invertebrates can feel at home.

The Aquastyle Deco Set consists entirely of natural products and is presented in a practical and reusable bucket-style container. This can be used not only to wash the gravel, but also later, after setting up your aquarium, for water changes.

The set comes with natural anthracite gravel (6.5kg), three natural rocks and two natural roots.

Eheim tells us that the decor has been laboratory-tested and confirmed not to contain any harmful substances.

Price: TBA.