New dartfish described Parioglossus galzini


French and American scientists have described a new species of marine dartfish in the systematics journal Zootaxa.

Parioglossus galzini was described by Jeffrey Williams of the Smithsonian Institution and David Lecchini of the Universite de Perpignan, from specimens collected in Haurei Bay, Rapa Island in French Polynesia.

Mature males have a filamentous dorsal fin, formed from an extension of the third to fifth spines, and have a narrow dorsolateral yellow stripe running from the head to the tail.

Unlike other members of the family ptereleotrid genus Parioglossus, P. galzini lacks a dark lateral stripe, has over 100 scales in the lateral series and 19-21 rays in the pectorals.

For more information read the paper: Williams, JT and Lecchini, D. (2004) - Parioglossus galzini, a new species of ptereleotrid dartfish from Rapa Island (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Ptereleotridae). Zootaxta 506: 1-8.