New Danio is one of world's smallest


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A tiny Danio which is being sold as Danio sp. ‘Myanmar', D. sp. ‘Burma' and D. sp. ‘TW02', has been named Danio tinwini, after its collector U Tin Win of the Hein Aquarium in Myanmar.

The spotted fish is one of the smallest known member of the genus. It reaches just 2-3cm/0.8-1.2” and was collected in the upper reaches of the Mogaung Chaung, a right-bank tributary of the Ayeyarwaddy River in Myanmar.

According to Kullander, the largest male measured just 2.17cm/0.85” while the biggest female was just 2.56cm/1”. The miniscule Celestial pearl danio, (Danio margaritatus), which reaches 2.13cm/0.84” is the smallest member of the genus.

Danio tinwini has a unique colour pattern of three irregular rows of dark spots along the side and spotted fins, and shares its home with the tiny Dracula fish (Danionella dracula).

The species has been a sporadic UK import for several years and sells for around £2 each.