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Dutch brand Colombo has released its new marine range of products into the British market via Aquadistri UK.

I’ve been eager to see this range ever since I played with the freshwater testing and planting gear that Colombo produces. I was impressed then and I’m confident I’ll be equally impressed now.

At this early stage I only have press releases to go on, but I relish the chance to speak directly to the guys in their labs and get some of the science behind this range.

As well as the standard, expected lines such as the test kits (which oddly seems to be absent of an ammonia test), there are some interesting products that both reef and fish-only keepers will want to undertake trials with.

One exciting development is the appearance of Marine easy seawater, which is just that — ready-mixed seawater to bring up to temperature and add.

Reefkeepers will want to keep a keen eye on developments with Marine pure reef salt — a blend to be mixed with RO water.

I’ll be interested to see what Marine bacto does, as it claims to contain 'specially selected beneficial bacteria' including a health food-esque Lacto bacillus.

There are also supplements to add or remove chemicals, as is the norm for modern marine ranges.

Marine mineral+ looks to be one of those additives in question, along with KH plus which shouldn’t need explaining.

Other easy-to-follow products include the Phosphate and Nitrate X, as well as Marine algae control.

This last is a mixture of Norit active carbon, zeolite, clean water and Colombo active alumina. I have a few tanks I’m looking forward to trying this one out on.

Watch this space for further details on these products, as I’ll be putting them through their paces over the next few months.

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