New Colombo Bactuur Gel from Aquadistri


Dutch wholesaler Aquadistri have launched a new filter bacteria, from Colombo.

"Colombo Bactuur Gel is a new way of dosing live bacteria into your aquarium filter to boost the start-up and biological performance." Say Aquadistri.

"These special filter-start bacteria are grown in a gel. This has the advantage of easy dosage and the bacteria stay where they will work, on the filter media."


For new filters and after cleaning, Aquadistri recommend spreading the gel onto the filter foam or filter media of your internal or external filter.

"For normal maintenance we advice Colombo Bactuur Liquid that can be dosed in aquariums and also contains sludge removal bacteria." They add.

This product is set to available from the 1st of October 2009. RRP £5.50