New Clupisoma catfish from Salween


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A new species of schilbid catfish has been discovered in the Salween River in China.

The new catfish, which has been named Clupisoma nujiangense by Chen, Ferraris and Yang in a paper in Copeia, was caught in the Salween (or Nujiang) in the western Yunnan Province of China.

The fish is believed to be the only member of the family Schilbidae from the middle Salween River.

It is also only the third schilbid species ever recorded in China and brings the total number of species in the Clupisoma genus to nine.

Other species include: Clupisoma bastari; Clupisoma garua; Clupisoma montana; Clupisoma naziri; Clupisoma prateri; Clupisoma roosae and C. sinensis.

Ferraris has also described other fish in this group relatively recently, with Clupisoma roosae discovered in Myanmar in 2004.

For more details on the new species see the paper: Xiao-Yong Chen, Carl J. Ferraris, Jr., and Jun-Xing Yang (2005) - A New Species of Catfish of the Genus Clupisoma (Siluriformes: Schilbidae) from the Salween River, Yunnan, China. Copeia: Vol. 2005, No. 3, pp. 566-570.