New carp herpes-like virus identified


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A new carp herpes-like virus has been identified.

The new virus, which was first recorded in a mass wipeout of carp in Korea in 1998, was identified by scientists from the Pathology Division of the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute in Korea, who have reported their findings in the latest issue of the journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms.

The virus causes infected carp to become darker in colour and causes branchial necrosis of the gills.

The team used transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to study the spleen tissue of the carp and found a herpes-like virus and hypertrophied nuclei and degenerated spleen tissue.

For more details see the paper: Choi, DL., Sohn, SG., Bang, JD., Do, JW and MS Park (2004) - Ultrastructural identification of a herpes-like virus infection in common carp, Cyprinus carpio in Korea. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, 61: 165-168.