New book on Danios and Devarios


Pete Cottle, the author of this new book, is well known world-wide for his lifelong experience in keeping and breeding fish, and for his particular passion — danios.

Introduced to many as a hardy first fish, the availability of danios and their relatives has rocketed over the last ten years, from around five species regularly imported to around 100 species of danios, devarios and their relatives. Some have even become aquarium mainstays, like the colourful Glowlight (Danio choprae) and beautiful Galaxy (Danio margaritatus).

In this book Pete details every known species, most with pictures, though some without as they are that new to science. Pete aims to breed every species he keeps so also lists how to breed them.

He has waded through all the scientific stuff and the real pain of accurately identifying these fish so you don’t have to. Instead the book presents each species, so you can put a name to the fish you see in the shops — and this is definitely worth taking with you if shopping for them.

There’s no doubt that this book is the most accurate and up-to-date publication on danios and devarios, so if these small but interesting fish are your bag it’s a must-have purchase. What’s more, it’s endorsed by ichthyological heavyweights Sven Kullander and Dr Ralf Britz.

Price: £25

More info: Available from Pete’s web site, priced at £25 for UK/European buyers and £29 for the USA/rest of the world, including post and packing.