New Bactuur Gel from Superfish


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Superfish has launched Bactuur Gel, a convenient way of adding live bacteria to your aquarium.

Filtration is an essential element in any aquarium, removing impurities from the water and helping keep fish and plants healthy. To help boost filter start-up and biological performance, Superfish have launched Bactuur Gel, live bacteria to your aquarium.

Bactuur Gel contains millions of specially selected live bacteria. For maximum performance two types of bacteria are included, Ammonia Oxidising Bacteria (AOB) and Nitrite Oxidising Bacteria (NOB).
As well as being easy to dose, Bactuur Gel has the advantage that it sticks to the filter sponge and media for optimal performance.  Safe and easy to use, Bactuur Gel is suitable for use in tropical and coldwater aquariums.
To use, simply spread the gel onto the filter foam or filter media of your internal or external filter.
Bactuur Gel is supplied in 30ml sachets suitable for aquariums up to 100 litres.  
Price: RRP £3.99. 
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