New Aquaspace nano tanks from Aqua One


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A range of stylish new nano aquariums has been launched by Aqua One.

What initially strikes you most is their design. With those edges that look like carrying handles - they’re not, so don’t attempt to use them as such - the tanks take on what we feel is a unique and appealing look, and we like it!

Couple the fresh design of these little fish tanks with the colours of gloss black, red or white, and you have a nano aquarium that looks both contemporary and classy. To top off the design the tank comes with that all-important addition these days - a stylish LED light.

The Aquaspace comes in three sizes of 10, 20 and 30 l. (2.2, 4.4 and 6.6 gal) and two sizes of cabinet in black and silver to seat all three sizes of tank. A small internal power filter is also supplied.

The prices are as follows: Aquaspace 28 £49.99, Aquaspace 34 £69.99, Aquaspace 40 £89.99. Cabinets are £59.99 and £74.99.