New aquarium will delight Peppa Pig fans!


If you're three years old then Peppa Pig is probably the biggest thing in your world right now - and don't your parents know it! Peppa Pig clothes, DVDs, bedroom furnishings, bath toys, bike, ball and of course the entire range of Peppa Pig toys. You thought you had nearly everything Peppa...until now.

No, not only have Nickelodeon rebranded Nick Jr. 2 as the Nick Jr. Peppa channel for the whole of November, so you can watch every single episode back-to-back, there's one more thing that you can pester mummy and daddy for, and stare at: the Peppa Pig Aquarium.

As you all know, Peppa has a fish of her own called Goldie, who when she does not look happy and is not eating her food, Peppa and Mummy Pig take Goldie on a bus trip to visit Dr Hamster, the vet.

Well, the good news is, if mummy and daddy, (or Father Christmas,) give you a Peppa Pig Aquarium you can have a fish of your own, and call it Goldie, and better still the Peppa Pig Aquarium comes with a special piece of equipment called a filter, to keep the water clear and make Goldie's poo disappear.

There's a book full of information and fun activities that you can read and colour in, and there's also a special liquid which only mummy or daddy should use, called AquaSafe, for when you clean out Goldie, and some high quality food called TetraMin, to make Goldie grow, and stay happy and healthy.

And instead of jumping up and down in muddy puddles, Goldie likes nothing more than to dig in the 800g of gravel which is provided.

Best of all, the Peppa Pig tank comes with a Peppa Pig picture to stick on the back of the tank, and Peppa Pig stickers! Yey!  

And all your friends will want to look at your tank when they come over to play and then ask their mummies and daddies, (or Father Christmas,) to buy them one, which is a very special thing that grown ups call pester power.

If you are very lucky though and you get a Peppa Pig Aquarium, make sure you tell mummy and daddy, and the man in the fish shop, that Goldie's future home is only 18 l total volume, so Goldie must be a tiny type of fish, and one which doesn't get ill very easily.

Some people may even say your brand new aquarium is too small for any Goldies, but that's OK, as you can still cover it in stickers, or put some bath toys in it instead, and that way, no little Goldies will ever be harmed.

So all together, let's say a nice, big, 'thankyou' to Tetra, part of Spectrum Brands, for making it all possible.

1….2….3….. "thank-you-very-much!"

The grown ups at the fish shop would very much like you to enjoy keeping a Goldie all of your own, and hopefully start up a much larger aquarium with lots of fishes when you are a grown up.

This will keep them in a job, which means they will be able to buy more Peppa Pig things for their own little girls and boys, and hopefully they'll grow up to be grown up fishkeepers too.

And if you want your Peppa Pig Aquarium to be even brighter and more colourful, ask mummy and daddy (or Father Christmas,) to buy you an LED light, only a very safe one with a special number on it called IPX7, and maybe even an airpump and an airstone, to make lots of bubbles for you to watch, and to tickle Goldie's tummy.

Oink, oink!

The Peppa Pig aquarium costs about £35, which is the same as seven bottles of mummy's wine, or ten pints of daddy's beer, so tell daddy to stop buying so much beer and it will help his big tummy go down too. Then he will have enough money to buy you one...

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