New aquarium lets you customise your tank with LEGO!


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Fans of LEGO bricks and fish can now combine the two together with a new aquarium called Fishspace.

Fishspace consists of a plastic tank to which you can attach LEGO bricks or Megabloks using the rim across the top, inside and underneath, to create your own scene for your fish.

The tank isn't very big, measuring 30 x 30 x 22.5cm/12 x 12 x 9". It holds two gallons and is recommended by the designers only for use with Fighters, with which they say Fishspace has been tested for months to ensure it's a healthy environment for the fish. It doesn't come with a filter of any sort.

Fishspace says it hopes to encourage children to adopt pet fish but have fun while doing it.

The project is currently looking for funding on the Kickstarter website. See more on the video below.


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