New AquaGro Watercare dispensers from TMC


Looking for an easier way to dose plant foods? TMC has a product that fits the bill in the form of dosing bottles. They look like hand gel dispensers with plunging nozzles on top that you simply push to get one measure.

Lacking the literature expected with these items, I had to resort to guesswork. However, it turns out they’re aimed at the plant enthusiast, offering a quicker and convenient way of adding fertilisers without fiddly measuring.

They come in 250ml or 500ml sizes and have the same nozzle mechanism, delivering the same consistent output — a near perfect 0.71428ml of fluid per pump. I tested until my arms hurt, pumping over and over again into test tubes. Exactly seven pumps would produce 5ml every time!

This makes the item incredibly good at providing unusual dosing rates, or requiring you to keep count if wanting to do something more substantial.

However, in order to store a wider range of supplements for your aquarium plants, you’d need several bottles. That would involve defacing or marking them to be told apart  — and that would fly in the face of any aesthetic value they have.

Given TMC’s high attention to detail and toxicity, I’d be confident that nothing has been included in the construction of these dispensers that might leach out and create hazards for the unwary keeper.

Prices: 250ml £11.00, 500ml £13.99.