New AquaBeam 600 LED lighting from TMC


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The new AquaBeam 600 Ultra Solid State Lighting Strip from TMC is now available and offers high light output, a wide angle beam and four colour versions - marine white, reef white, marine blue and reef blue.

It incorporates a completely re-engineered housing, sealed with a single silicon rubber gasket, has new-style screws which ensure the unit is factory serviceable and new mounting brackets which fit into the heat sink for more secure mounting.

Stainless steel threaded inserts allow screws to be placed directly into the unit from the back, making direct mounting inside a hood much easier, and, as with all AquaRay light units, the AquaBeam 600 Ultra is fully compatible with the MMS Modular Mounting System, offering a wide range of mounting options.

Suitable for all marine aquaria, the AquaBeam 600 Ultra single retails for £99.99 and the twin and combo versions for £189.99.