New addition to TMC's V2iLumenAir range of lighting


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TMC has increased its award-winning V2iLumenAir range of LED aquarium lighting systems with the addition of the V2iLumenAir Compact — a high output and high PAR LED luminaire with a compact, sleek design.

It has integrated WiFi and is fully controllable from a smart phone or tablet via theV2iLumenAir app.

With three separate channels — 12000K white, 640nm red, and a mixed colour channel of 465nm blue and NUV (410nm violet) — and built in timing, dimming and a range of effects such as storm and cloud function, this is truly a user customisable lighting solution with multiple levels of power and colour control.

The V2iLumenAir Compact also has an acclimation function which gradually adjusts the lighting output of the V2iLumenAir over a 10-day period to help prevent ‘light shock’ when new corals are introduced to the aquarium and is supplied with a fully adjustable tank mounting system.
Its thermally controlled ‘whisper’ fan, only operates when needed, ensuring it is quiet, and unobtrusive in your home.

Available in either 50W or 70W versions starting at £189.99 RRP.