Naked Scientists dive into Naked Ocean podcasts


A new series of podcasts was launched recently, that aims to investigate various topics related to ocean conservation and bring the science involved into the public conscience.

Sponsored by the Save Our Seas Foundation, the podcasts will focus not only on the well known aspects of marine life, but also on more overlooked areas too. 

Designed to appeal to both adults and children, the podcasts offer a mixture of news and interviews with leading scientists.

Two half-hour podcasts have been produced so far, and highlights of both episodes have been combined into a single one hour special podcast to officially launch the series on the Naked Scientists website.

From climate change to oil spills

This episode focuses on climate change, oil spills (including an update on the Sea Empress oil spill that occurred off the Pembrokeshire coast in 1996), the recently reported Census of Marine Life and life in the Arctic Sea ice.

Naked Scientist Helen Scales told Practical Fishkeeping: "The driving force behind Naked Oceans is to bring the beauty, importance, and vulnerability of the oceans into the public eye (or ears, perhaps!), and at the same time have a lot of fun."

"Our podcasts are aimed at anyone with an interest in the natural world and will greatly appeal to fishkeeping hobbyists because they are already passionate about aquatic creatures.

Aquatic questions answered

"In a light-hearted, half hour show, listeners can keep right up to date with the latest news from the world of underwater science and conservation, find out more about particular ocean topics, and have their aquatic questions answered by ocean specialists.

"Each month in our Critter of the Month feature we ask a top marine expert to tell us 'If you were a marine species, which would you be and why?'  We would love hobbyists to get in touch and tell us which species they would be, too."

The Naked Scientists are an innovative group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University that have tapped into the media world. 

Using radio, live lectures and the internet the Naked Scientists promote science to the public in a modern, digestable format.

Podcasts can be downloaded, and subscribed to, via the Naked Scientists website,  or via iTunes.