Mystery of the shark found 45 miles from the sea


A shark has been found in woods in New Hampshire – an hour's drive from the ocean.

The corpse of the Blue shark, measuring around 6' 8" in length was discovered by residents of the village of Milton, which is 45 miles from the ocean. There had been reports of a strong fishy smell coming from the area before the rotting body was found.

Police are investigating how the shark got there, but they think it's most likely that someone caught it and decided to dump it in the woods.

Village resident Lloyd Ellis told WMUR-TV: " garbage here and there but nothing like this that's for sure.

"I can only think that either someone didn't have a licence, because you have to have a licence to fish the ocean, and was going to bring it home and someone said, "Hey dude, you need a licence or something like that.

"Panicking, they probably said, “Well, I guess we've got to get rid of the evidence"."

Police decided to leave the shark where it was found and let nature take its course.

The Blue shark (Prionace glauca) can reach 3.8m/12.5' in length and is the most widely distributed animal in the world, being found off the coasts of every continent except Antarctica, from the surface to around 350m.

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