Move over FX5 - Rolf C Hagen launches Fluval FX6!


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The best heavy horse external filter on the market has been revamped. Say hello to the new Fluval FX6.

We love the old Fluval FX5 here at PFK, so Hagen had our full attention when they announced some time ago that it would be replaced with a new one.

Don't change it too much, we prayed, and luckily they didn't, with just the odd tweak here and there.

Subtle changes
The first thing you'll notice with FX6 is the change in colour scheme, from the dark grey and orange of the FX5 to the black and red livery of this new model.

This time the FX6 comes with the full complement of mechanical, biological and chemical filter media too, meaning you don't have to fork out extra just to get the thing filled.

Next is a welcome 10% energy use reduction, but the pump can still belt out 2130 lph of water and just one of these bad boys is rated for aquariums up to 1500 litres in volume, or about an 8' x 3' x 2.5' tank after displacement.

It's also said to be a little bit quieter than the old model, especially if you throttle the water flow back via the quick fit taps.

New and unique are the two indicator dials situated on the filter lids. The idea is they allow you to remember when it next needs changing, although this isn't computer controlled or even timed that we can see, so we see little benefit for most people.

The FX5 was and is the ultimate external filter for large freshwater tanks, being the filter of choice for all big cichlid and oddball fish owners.

There are large externals that should rival it, from Tetra, Aqua One and Eheim, although none have the grunt, the torque and the all-terrain ability of the FX5, and we assume, the new FX6.

The FX6 is the all-terrain vehicle of the filter world, the 4x4 — only use one and you'll realise that it's more Big Foot monster truck than Jeep Cherokee, and there's no dirty situation this thing can't handle.

If you haven't touched or felt one of these things before, do so. It's got an intake strainer you could play tennis with, and with those one-inch diameter inlet and outlet pipes we reckon it could quite happily filter a bath tub full of baked beans.

When it comes to filters, the FX5 is the current undisputed super heavyweight champion of the world, and if they haven't messed around with the FX6's inner workings too much, we're tipping this new model to be the next one.

Price: RRP £299.99.

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