More tropical flying fish caught in UK


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A schoolboy on holiday in North Wales has caught some baby flying fish.

According to icWales, Sam Kirkham from Blacon near Chester caught four of the flying fish while dip-netting in Colwyn Bay.

Sam's mum told icWales: "There was a little current flowing from some rocks and everything was being washed out to sea. We noticed these little fish ebbing out which seemed to be flying fish and Sam dug the end of his net into the sand and managed to get them inside.

"I was sure they were flying fish because I've seen them before - adults that is - when we've been on holiday in the Canaries.

"But we didn't expect to see them at Colwyn Bay. I was convinced they were flying fish because I'd read they'd been spotted down south. They looked just like them and every time you tried to pick one up it would attempt to jump out of the water."

An expert from the local aquarium in Rhyl blamed global warming and said that the fish had previously been seen in Devon and Cornwall so it wasn't unlikely that they had followed the Gulf Stream up to North Wales.

As we pointed out in our article last week this is perhaps not as unusual as some may believe.

Flying fish, which are commonly seen in the Med, have previously been found much further north in Denmark and southern Norway.