More Koi stolen in Leicestershire


Professional fish thieves may be responsible for the theft of tens of thousands of pounds worth of Koi from two separate premises in Leicestershire.

According to ITV News, two raids have been made upon Koi dealers who had been targetted by thieves in the past fortnight. Police are investigating a possible link between the incidents.

Shop owner Myles Sharman told ITV News: "How I felt when I came through the door, words can't describe it. Total devastation, I've worked so hard to get the business where it is and it's just all gone."

Mr Sharman told ITV that anyone who is offered the stolen fish will probably realise that they are dodgy fish: "Anybody who's approached, if they know Koi they'll be able to tell from the quality of the fish they're getting very good fish offered cheaply. People know there's no such thing as a good cheap fish."

We reported in June that there seemed to have been an increase in the number of fish thefts, and that many experts had expressed concern about professional gangs being responsible.