More breeding success for Maidenhead Aquatics with Leopoldi stingray


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A branch of Maidenhead Aquatics has once again bred Potamotrygon leopoldi.

Just 10 weeks after she gave birth for the first time, the female ray has once again given birth to young, this time to two females and one male.

The St Albans branch first reported the breeding success in April, two days before a UK hobbyist also bred his.

The two have been in close contact reagrding their youngsters, though both have reported losses from the previous successful births.

Of the two males born at St Albans, one fed and grew, and one died.

According to Andy Gabbutt, of the privately owned fish bred by reader Martin Allen, four pups were born though the adult male was killed recently by the female, impaled by her sting.

Our rays are aggressive lovers. Said Andy.We left the pair together after the first births and we became worried by the ragged condition of the female.

Soon after she damaged the male, striking him with her sting and causing a mark on his back.

Pups for sale

With the first surviving male sold to an ex member of staff, the latest three will soon be for sale.

Females will sell for 1000 each, said Andy, or 2000 for a sexed pair.

The adult Leopoldi pair can be seen on display in store, where they reside in a 10 x 3 x 3 display tank.